5 Celebrities Who Use Infrared Saunas

Need one more reason to try out infrared sauna therapy?It’s one of the biggest anti-aging trends in the celebrity world! Health-focused celebs are touting the benefits of infrared saunas – from detox to weight loss to improved sleep – as a key component of their health and wellness regimes. Some even claim infrared saunas as a secret to their beauty! Just check out these five superstars who use an infrared sauna on a regular basis.

Ian Somerhalder

“This thing has change (sic) my life and I’m so grateful that my dear friends at @sunlightensaunas have created such special healing equipment to make our lives and our health better,” he continued. “If you have any doubt of the incredible healing properties of these infrared saunas just check out what they do.

The Vampire Diaries star took to Instagram on Monday (25 Jun 2018) to share a snap of himself relaxing in the home sauna, revealing he enjoys detoxing his body while reading scripts for new roles and coming up with fresh ideas for other projects.

“My quiet garage alone time with the new scripts in my wooden capsule of healing heat, light and sound…” he captioned the image. “I’ve come up with many ideas in here for ISF (Ian Somerhalder Foundation), Vampire Diaries, my businesses and my family.”

Ian goes on to sing the praises of experts at Sunlighten Saunas, who claim their use of infrared technology can also help users reduce their blood pressure, lose weight, relieve pain, and fight the physical signs of ageing – and the 39-year-old insists it’s done wonders for his health.


Jennifer Anniston

When it comes to beauty, Jennifer Anniston is all about the natural methods, including infrared sauna use. Twice named the world’s most beautiful woman in 2004 and 2016, during an interview this summer about her fitness and beauty tips, Anniston shared her love of infrared saunas, citing their detoxification, relaxation, weight loss and skin rejuvenation properties. Anniston cites the cell generation benefits of infrared sauna use in particular as a secret behind her flawless skin. (Her other big secret to healthy skin? Hydration! We’re on board with both those things, Jennifer!)

Lady Gaga

Pop music queen Lady Gaga is a frequent infrared sauna user. She recently shared a post on her Instagram of an infrared sauna therapy session with her friend, who is suffering from stage four cancer. The singer uses infrared saunas for her own health needs, too. In an Instagram post from early June, Gaga said she frequently uses an infrared sauna for pain control.

“I still deal with bone inflammation from my hip injury two years ago. But I keep control of pain with an infrared sauna. A great investment for everyone, I use mine every day. Getting my body ready for the show tonight!”


Below Lady Gaga is seen treating intense pain caused through Fibromyalgia in her Netflix documentary GAGA: 5 Foot 2, using the Sunlighten Solo Personal Infrared Sauna.

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr has amazing skin. I mean, in general, most supermodels do. So what does the Miranda Kerr skin routine look like? Her number-one trick? Sweating it out in the sauna. “I really love going in the infrared sauna, just to detox,” Kerr recently revealed to InStyle. And she’s exactly right, although it’s not the getting-drenched-in-sweat part that’s actually beneficial. As we’ve told you before, sauna time softens pores, which in turn releases trapped dirt, debris, and dead skin cells that could be making them look large and dusky.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is really into the detox lifestyle. No, really. She talks about it often on her website, goop.com. Gwyneth’s detox strategy is many-pronged, with at least one of those prongs being infrared sauna use. In “The Annual goop Detox” that the site publishes post-holiday season, goop recommends infrared saunas as an effective way to get the lymphatic system moving and produce a healthy, detoxifying sweat. In the past, Gwyneth has also shared a post on the power of infrared saunas, as well as a roundup of the staff to find an infrared sauna, from L.A. to London.


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