Infrared light is very safe and has been used for many years to assist in the growth of premature born babies and to assist in healing injuries. Sports people like Tiger Woods and entertainers like Lady Gaga have been using Infrared Sauna therapy for many years to aid in healing strains and reducing pain, reducing muscle fatigue and increasing performance.

A genuine Infrared Sauna will promote natural Collagen production in your skin and also purify your skin through sweating. One of the 1st benefits you will notice is your skin will begin to clean, look and feel amazing following 2 or 3 sessions.

It is important to know, Infrared Saunas can not whiten or darken your skin and can not deliver Vitamin D.

A genuine Infrared sauna is only warm inside, not hot! Our Infrared Saunas work by heating your core by 3°C, not your skin and not the air around you, generating a very deep sweat and a very healthy release of toxins. 

Although Infrared is light, the wavelength used in an Infrared Sauna can not be seen, only felt as a comfortable warmth. Infrared does not emit a red light.  If you can see coloured light in your sauna, it’s just that, a coloured light.

Chromo Lighting

Aura & Co. Saunas also have adjustable Chromotherapy Lighting added so you can change the lighting to suit you. Click Here for further information on the mood enhancing benefits you may experience through its use.

Genuine Infrared saunas have been proven to increase heart health by dilating arteries, increasing blood flow and reducing blood pressure.

As much as we love living in big cities, polluted air from cars and motorbikes ensures we are absorbing heavy metals daily. Our Sunlighten infrared saunas will pull these heavy metals out of your body.

note: Please don’t be alarmed by black spots left on your towel, they are toxins released through your sweat