What is an infrared sauna?

If you are a physician or longtime health and wellness specialist, it’s likely you already know about them. For decades, hospitals and medical treatment centers have used infrared light/heat to foster growth in premature babies and expedite healing for athletes and the elderly.

An infrared sauna works in the same way by using infrared to warm your body by 3°C, rather than heating the air around you. The result is a deep sweat and a healthy release of toxins amongst many other very positive effects.

Our Sunlighten Infrared saunas have been proven to increase heart health by dilating arteries, increasing blood flow and reducing blood pressure.

The most advanced infrared saunas provide all three infrared wavelengths—near, mid and far, they are programmable and customizable to the health outcome you desire. 

The great news is if you find normal saunas uncomfortable, the optimum temperature range of infrared is from only 42°C to 55°C, far more comfortable than conventional saunas operating at 70°C to 90°C. a genuine infrared sauna is comfortable and dry, not sweltering hot and damp. of course if you like it hot, we can make it hot for you, although there are no  benefits, only water loss.